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Upcycling Booth

Vinyl be Bag l Plastic Waste Upcycling: Make Your Own Bookmark Experience

"The environmental problems caused by plastic waste, are not to be dealt with lightly."
'KKOSHASHA' is committed to improving environmental issues by developing upcycled plastic products and hosting creative workshops that utilize plastic waste. They launched an upcycling brand 'Vinyl be Bag, to extend the life of everyday plastic. They conduct upcycling workshops using plastic collected by participants and waste plastic from production processes. Through these efforts, they strive to discover new uses and values for plastic.

Touch4good l Advertising Board Upcycling: Make Your Own Penguin Fan Experience

"A social enterprise that addresses the issue of resources left behind in our lives and the indifference of people hidden within their disposal habits."
'Touch4good' focus on creating engaging eco-friendly activities with real impact at the Touch for Good Urban Environmental Education Center. Moving beyond traditional nature-based education, we focus on urban environments to understand and address environmental issues. Our programs use waste materials innovatively to enhance authenticity and effectiveness.

KEYWHOWEKEY l T-Shirt Upcycling: Create Your Own Unique T-Shirt Experience

"The 'KEY' to moving the world lies with us! 'WHO holds the key? 'WE hold the KEY."
'Keywhowekey' campaign spreads climate crisis messages through everyday language and actions, revealing various narratives about the climate crisis using everyday items to inspire action.